Garda Construction - Privacy Policy

The Garda Construction Ltd website, with the exception of the contact us pages, does not store or capture personal information, but merely logs the user's IP address (Internet Protocol: standard allowing data to be transmitted between two devices) which is automatically recognised by the webserver.

Statistic information from these standard IIS web server logs is used to provide statistical information relating to the Garda Construction website and it's usage. The type of information stored include page views, referring URL's. This information is not used or stored for any other purpose and is not made available to 3rd party companies or individuals.

Cookies are not used on this site.

Communications sent to us via our contact form is only used by our staff in order to fullfill a request or to contact you in relation to a query or quotation and is not sold or offered to any third party company or individual.

The tell a friend service simply emails details of the Garda Construction Ltd website and no details are stored for our own or 3rd party use. This information will be logged on our server in the normal way an email is logged as it travels through our email gateway.

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